Creating a Greener World with My Little Red Dot - Coral Gardens

Edmund Chen Plans to take the internet by storm with his latest art creation - Coral Gardens, at the Singapore Discovery Centre, with a green message on saving our environment and fighting climate change together.



As citizens of an island-state nation surrounded by sea, we are vulnerable to environmental impacts. As global citizens, we have a shared responsibility to ensure the survival of our Earth for future generations. My Little Red Dot  Coral Gardens aspires to achieve this objective through art, in creating an awareness and understanding of the role that each individual has towards our country and future. 


This is also a timely reminder about the importance to protect our ecosystemto build our national defenceto raise community awareness and to encourage national cohesion among the younger generation.  


We have invited community leaders, environmentalists, business leaders, artists, and celebrities to participate in the plant-a-coral project. They will be our environmental ambassadors, entrusted with the task of spreading the message of environmental conservation to the public though these fun activities.



Members of the public from all walks of life and ethnic groups are cordially invited to participate in this event and come together as one. There is strength in numbers. Together, we can carve out a better future.  




 The Concept of My Little Red Dot - Coral Gardens


Who is My Little Red Dot? 

self-discovery journey of a little fish who realised that the things around him, however unrelated they might seem, were actually dependent on each other.   


Words from the creator: 

Concern about the climate change is high. Nevertheless, the majority of us tend to leave the task of saving our earth to the scientists and the academicsContrarily, individuals like ourselves can make a difference when our efforts are consolidated.  


This is an event which aims to create that awareness through the means of art in a serene environment, to bring about a subtle change in ourselves, whether in the form of mindset or in action We owe our current existence to the million years of evolution. For better or for worse, in the next few decades, human behaviours will have a direct impact on the environment.  


From the state, organisations, companies to individuals, everyone should play a part to turnaround the climate crisis.  


I hope to share and to raise awareness through this event and also about the value of sharing.  


We can embrace diversity without losing our own identityAll living matter are interrelated and interdependent. We should accommodate differences and co-exist with one another. Climate change is an issue that requires a consolidated effort from every individual.  


The coralssitting on the base of a large jigsaw puzzle, are the focal point. Through them, I would like to share the concepts of "Harmony in Diversity" and "Living in Harmony”.  


There is no "I" in teamwork. We have to set aside our differences to give of ourselves for a better future and a better life.  


After all, we have only one Earth.  





The Objective: 

Friends from all walks of life are invited to this art platform to help to pass on the spirit and the right attitude 


In truth, we can start with ourselves through small gestures, as simple as switching off lights to reduce electricity consumption and to recycle used objects.  


Why corals? 

Corals is the lifeline of our marine ecosystem as they support over a quarter of the marine species and a billion human population. The state of earth's health and the survival of the human race are highly-dependent on the coral reefs.  


Their extinction will severely weaken the ecosystem, interrupt the food chain as the small fish which is the source of food for larger fish, can no longer feed and that in turn will affect mankind.   




About the concept of jigsaw: 

Similar to that of the jigsaw, the environment and our lives are pieced together by different components to which each is vital to the survival of the other. Any malfunction to any of these will upset the equilibriumThere are no boundaries to the sunshine, the air and the water of the environmentWe should thus share these elements. Let us all co-exist in peace to ensure healthy, long-lasting ecosystem. 


And to live in a green world that is defended by all.