Edmund Chen's Two designs won the "Singapore Packaging Award" again

Edmund Chen won five awards for his designs. The picture shows the educational box (left) and the treasure box he designed. (Provided by interviewee)


The "My Little Red Dot Educational Magic Toy Box" and "Treasure the Present - Treasure Box" designed by local artist Edmund Chen wont the "Singapore Packaging Award".

Two different designs were awarded at the same time. In an interview with Lianhe Zaobao yesterday, Edmund Chen said happily that his previous design has won four awards, and this is the fifth: "This time i set up my own company. From concept, design, printing to marketing, step by step, it is a different feeling." 

The Educational Box is a project of the Ministry of National Defence. It contains books and toys : "They asked me if i am interested in preschool education to promote the five important values of resilience, vigilance, preparation, teamwork and unity. I went home that day, excited, and finished the book part in only half an hour."

He hopes to let children understand the above values through books and toys, and further use them in life. In view of the fact that children now spend too much time on mobile phones, the materials of his interactive education box do not use plastics, magnets and software programs: "I remember playing this game in which i used my hands to operate a small shadow box to see moving pictures in my childhood. So i hope that this time i can let the children know some traditional crafts, and it feels like watching 'cartoon' in a primitive way. I applied the 'Lenticular Optical Illusion' in the design. I researched it with the printing factory for a long time for the design."

“Packaging is not just a box”

The response of the educational box was very good, about 150,000 sets were printed around five times. "Treasure the present - Treasure box" selected four pieces from the Four Seasons names "Cherish the present" from the 601.255 meter-long paintings recorded in his Guinness personal long-drawing record.

Printed on a wooden box where wine or a watch can be placed: "Because XiangYun often visits auntie who suffers from dementia, she only remembers the past. We have a lot of feelings, so i created a long painting. The older the wine, the more mellow. The watch represents time, and to preserve the good time is the design of concept of the Treasure Box."

He said that it is not the painting itself, but the stories, events, and messages that it brings out, reflects and represents. This is important. "The treasure box brings out the important factors of 'precious' and 'time'. The package is not just a box, but a 'goodwill ambassador' who can share soft culture and values."



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陈之财两设计 再得“新加坡包装奖”



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