FIRST World Longest Drawing by an Individual

Asiantainment and ECtv had the opportunity to work together and share about the project on the FIRST world Longest Drawing by an Individual.


Our Concept


Asiatainment and ECtv aim to create a space where the knowledge and experience of the veterans are shared with the younger generation; where fresh entrants to the industry can be noticed easily; and where players of the industry can exchange resources to leverage upon and propel them towards international markets.

Both platforms also aim to contribute to making our world a better place to live in by supporting programmes and campaigns that give back to the community. 


Last year, Asiatainment and ECTV together produced another record breaking project which many of you may be familiar with. On 29th July 2013, certified by both the Guinness World Records Committee and A*Star National Metrology Centre. Edmund set the FIRST World Record for the Longest Drawing by an Individual with a distance of 601.255m.



Our Vision 


Our modern society is fast pace, full of anxiety and panic. Many have ignored the little pleasures of life that gives happiness.

“Live in the moment to Cherish the Present is the theme of this project. This is to remind us to live happily and have a charitable mind. Simple painting tools and lines were used to complete the painting to illustrate simple pleasures of life.
This is to create the effect of
“everyone love me, and one for all”


For 2013, in order to share this message, ECTV has embarked to achieve the Guinness World Record for the “Longest Drawing by an Individual”. The World Record international platform creates comprehensive access to international boundaries to share this message, also inviting the world to come visit this little Red Dot for the Longest Drawing in the World.



Our Mission 

 A freehand "tapestry" with thousands of images of beautiful pond lives had been completed with the world record length of the total length of 606.225 meters.

Sections of the drawing will be selected, segmented and fine-tuned by Edmund himself. Some of these selected pieces will then be contributed to organizations and charity bodies for their fund-raising initiatives.



About the Companies

ECtv is also award-winners of the Asian Star Packaging, 4 times Singapore Star Packaging,
th Singapore International film festival, 5th International Chinese film festival, SMEs Asian 2012, Quality Award 2013 and the Singapore Quality Brand Award 2014.

ECtv has been commissioned and collaborated with the following organizations amongst others to support such initiatives:


  1. National Climate Change Secretariat Prime Minister’s Office

  2. Singapore Red Cross Society

  3. National Environment Agency (NEA)

  4. NTUC

  5. Singapore Post

  6. National Library Board

  7. Korean Tourism Bureau ( Goyang City)

  8. Japan Fuji Entertainment

  9. ITE, Singapore

  10. International Chinese Film Festival, Australia.


The drawing was made on a special roll of continuous paper measuring 660m. The criteria was the canvas has to be fully covered, depicted a single image, using specific drawing materials and most importantly drawn by one person throughout.

Edmund spent a total of 13 days, averaging 11 hours per day, filling up the canvas completely with colours and drawings. Several attempts from India, Mexico, Australia, USA were made for this record since 2005 and only Edmund qualified! 

It is our way to give back to the community and try to make our country and the world a better place.




1) The 5th anniversary of the NTUC-U Care Fund

He drew thousands of beautiful pond lives. We touch thousands of lives.
He painted on 606.225 metres of paper - persevering and unrelenting.
We support our beneficiaries - steadfast and unwavering.
He broke the world record. We make a difference.


Mr Edmund Chen Zhi Cai set the FIRST Guinness World Record for the Longest Drawing by an Individual in 2013. Forming part of the drawing are koi fishes depicting the spirit of determination and tenacity, much like how the NTUC-U Care Fund strives to touch as many lives as possible.

Koi also symbolises harmony and happiness which aptly express our well wishes to our donors through this commemorative token of appreciation, as we mark the 5th anniversary of the NTUC- U Care Fund.




2) Lion's Vanda Charity Auction





3) Media CARES - 名人心



Honary Ambassador to Goyang City, Korea.

The printed Scarf was presented to Ms Choi, Bong-Soon, Vice mayor of Goyang City, Republic of Korea.






In 2015, Edmund Chen collaborated with Samsonite, one of the world leading brand in travelling bags.


Exhibitions and Events : -

The World Longest Luggage wall at Singapore Terminal 2.


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