My Little Red Dot selected as part of the '100 Offerings of Peace' Project

Featured on the Star Advertiser Paper, 6 September 2020, MLRD was selected by the World Peace campaign Offering by The Peace Studio founded by the President Obama's sister, Maya Soetoro. Over 20 countries participated and 100 of the offerings are featured. MLRD was selected and featured alongside international cellist, Yoyo Ma, and playwright, Sarah Ruhl.



The project, called 100 Offerings of Peace, has commissioned 100 contributors to create presentations in a variety of artistic genres, ranging from music, dance and visual arts to readings and meditations, that are intended to motivate people into taking action to build peace, teach empathy and kindness and bring about social justice. The offerings have been rolled out one a day since July 1 on the organization’s website, offerings-of-peace, and will continue until until Nov. 1.


Loretta Chen, an adjunct theater professor at Leeward Community College, is another Hawaii-based creative whose work will soon appear in the Peace Studio lineup. A director, author and filmmaker who had an acclaimed career in her native Singapore, she has lived in Hawaii Kai for four years, after coming to the islands on a stopover to the mainland and finding beauty, happiness — and a husband — in short order.

Her offering to the Peace Studio is “My Little Red Dot,” a beautifully animated film based on a short story written by brother Edmund, a well-known actor in Singapore and an accomplished artist. The story is about a little fish “who never fit in,” Chen said. “He has a little red patch over his eye and he always felt discriminated against and left out. … So he goes out of his depth to find himself.

She is especially pleased that the film is a family project, working across the ocean. “My brother did the artwork, my nephew did the illustration, my niece did the voiceover, and then my sister and I did the voiceover for some of the other characters, and then I did the writing,” she said.

“The narrative is a peace offering, but it’s a narrative it’s about finding peace within as well as peace without, which to me is one of the biggest causes of our divisiveness,” she said. “People are so inherently unhappy. If we can’t find peace within, it’s hard to find peace without.”


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