My Little Red Dot Project

Mission and Vision :

MLRD (My Little Red Dot) hopes to lead you into an exciting exploration that would steer you towards your own unique path towards accepting and understanding your authentic self. May this book add beauty to your life and nourish your soul for the world is truly charming, if you allow yourself to see.
There is a little red dot in every one of us and we are all connected by the dots
- Edmund Chen






About the Series

My Little Red Dot is a philosophical story, speckled with life wisdoms and placed emphasis on the importance of core values.
Life wisdoms and core values may be profound and hard to grasp but in My Little Red Dot, it is made simple and understandable through the use of basic language and interactive, coloring activities. Coupled with the use of modern technology, the book brings the story of our little protagonist's exciting journey to life.



Story Synopsis 

My Little Red Dot is a small, tiny fish with a pair of big eyes. Its white body is adorned with a bright red patch which has made our little fish stand out differently from the rest. As a result, it has always felt self-conscious and even begins to develop a sense of self -doubt and helplessness.
Determined to seek its identity and self-worth, My Little Red Dot decides to set out on an epic journey in search of its "red dot".


On its journey, My Little Red Dot goes through different experiences and challenges that helps broaden its horizons. It also learns to let go of the past, envision the future and most importantly, cherish the present.



First Title - The River Series


In the first book of the series, My Little Red Dot leaves its homeland, travels through meandering rivers and beholds the wonders of the world. Along the way, it encounters a wise old turtle who magnanimously shares stories of life's wisdoms. A school of 18 koi fishes also teach MLRD the true meaning of integrity, humility, persistence, creativity, diligence, joy and other important but often neglected values which are essential to better understand ourselves and clarify our directions.



Second Title - The Tree Series 


In the second book, MLDR challenges its limits by leaping out of the water and unexpectedly lands itself in a forest completely unknown to our little fish.
In this strange surrounding, MLRD accepts help from the benevolent crabs and spider. It even stumbles upon 11 Singapore heritage trees and rare flowers.

It soon learns to appreciate the interdependence of seemingly unrelated existences which all work together magically to shape the "green corridor".
This enchanting ecological chain works with Mother Nature to support, nurture and harmoniously co-exist with the lush environment.



 Third Title - The Cities Series  ( In Progress ) 


Special Features -

Through exquisite hand-drawn illustrations, interactive games, educational stories, thought -provoking quotes and the use of modern technology (AR and QR).
My Little Red Dot has 11 distinctive and interesting features.

  • Therapeutic Coloring
  • Treasure-hunting
  • Maze and Labyrinth
  • Inspiring Story
  • Family-bonding: A great book to involve the young, old, and the “not-so-old”
  • Inculcation of local heritage and traditional cultures
  • 76 pages of “Secret”
  • Augmented Reality
  • QR code
  • Continuous composition of Illustrations
  • Images from the World's Longest